Nexus Group was founded in 1994 by Mr Jaabar Abdullah Sani and Mdm Badariah Zainal Abidin. Having worked in the logistics and transportation industry in his yourger years, Mr Jaabar was equipped with fundamental knowledge of the industry and recognized the needs of clients and the gap that could be filled.

From a humble beginning in a home office, the founders managed to secure contracts in Singapore from companies like Hilly, Unipel and Marconi to name a few. Nexus thus began as a Singapore local transportation service delivering goods to retail giants like Robinsons, OG and Sogo. In 1997, as business expanded, Nexus opened their first office in Changi Cargo Complex providing transportation services for forwarding companies. It proved to be the right move as three years later, Nexus was able to acquire their own warehouse space and began providing logistics services for forwarding companies. Sembawang Kimtrans, Famous Freight Express, Macnels, Airmark Freight, Logtrans and Savino were among those companies serviced by Nexus.

As their customer base grew, clients from outside of Singapore started pouring in. By the year 2005, Nexus launched their own forwarding services specializing in door to door services to Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. They began a partnership with a Malaysian company, Successline Sdn. Bhd under the Berjaya Group providing bonded truck services for companies like Cosway, Berjaya HVN and UPS. Nexus Freight Express Sdn. Bhd. was setup in 2010 to accommodate the business in Malaysia, having their own warehouse and bonded trucks providing door to door services between Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Finally in year 2014, PT Nexus Cargo Indonesia was setup in Jakarta providing door to door services. With bases in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Nexus Group is now able to provide efficient, secure and competitive pricing for their clients

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Why People Choose Us

Nexus Cargo is an courier service provider specializing in door to door parcel delivery between Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Most of us know that international courier delivery charges are usually very costly to get it delivered fast. So we end up having to choose whether to pay less or deliver it fast. At Nexus Cargo, you no longer have to choose. We get it delivered FAST & CHEAP.

FAST & CHEAP. Maybe you wonder will it be safe then. Not to worry. We ensure you the highest standards of care for your parcel. We deliver it as we receive it, FAST, CHEAP & SAFE.

Why are we confident we are the choice when it comes to delivering your parcels between these 3 countries? It is because we ONLY SPECIALIZE in these 3 countries. Our company operations are geared and customized towards the logistics industry of these 3 countries and none other.